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681 media appearances in 2021 (including 66 national appearances)
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Democracy Watch (March 29, 2021)
News Release
Ford government’s Bill 254 imposes likely unconstitutional restrictions on third party interest group ad spending

Democracy Watch (March 26, 2021)
News Release
2020 donations show Ontario political finance system still undemocratic – almost 50% of PC donations from 20% of donors who donated $1,000+

Democracy Watch (March 24, 2021)
News Release
Ethics Commissioner issues misleading letter in cover-up of his ruling on appointments of judges connected to Dominic LeBlanc – Democracy Watch writes back calling for public ruling based on new info

Democracy Watch (March 22, 2021)
News Release
Whether Rogers-Shaw deal is approved, consumer-run telecom watchdog group must be created using method that has worked in U.S. (More than 35 consumer and citizen groups and the CRTC support creating the group)

Democracy Watch (March 17, 2021)
News Release
New honesty rules needed as court and elections commissioner refuse to enforce false claims rules in federal election law

Democracy Watch (March 15, 2021)
News Release
Democracy Watch calls on Commissioner of Canada Elections to issue public update or ruling on investigation into RightNow anti-abortion group collusion with Conservative Party candidates during 2019 election

Democracy Watch (March 11, 2021)
News Release
Democracy Watch calls on Ford government to stop changes that will increase patronage and cronyism in Ontario’s judicial appointments

Democracy Watch (March 10, 2021)
News Release
Democracy Watch launches petition calling on Transport Minister to ban Boeing 737 Max-8 in Canada — 14,000+ have already signed

Democracy Watch (March 4, 2021)
News Release
Democracy Watch sues Integrity Commissioner for failing to penalize 6 of 7 lobbyists who violated the law in serious ways last year

Democracy Watch (March 3, 2021)
News Release
International whistleblower protection report ranks Canada tied for last out of 62 countries with protections