Stop Secret, Unethical Lobbying Campaign

Stop Secret, Unethical Lobbying Campaign

Advocating key changes to stop secret, unethical lobbying across Canada because it is major cause of bad government decisions

Think about any bad government decision that has concerned you, and likely secret, unethical lobbying played a part the decision. Secret, unethical lobbying must be stopped because it is a recipe for corruption, waste and abuse of the public interest, the environment and communities across the country.

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Please help support the call to secret, unethical lobbying across Canada!  Governments are reviewing lobbying disclosure and ethics rules, and opposition parties are looking for proposals to clean up politics, including by closing huge loopholes in lobbying laws.

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Because of huge loopholes in lobbying laws, it is legal to lobby governments and politicians across Canada in secret.

Huge loopholes in ethics rules also allow lobbyists to fundraise for politicians, and give gifts and do other favours for politicians and government officials, in secret. Big money donations from lobbyists to politicians are also legal across Canada.

As well, lobby groups are not required to disclose how much they spend on lobbying on any issue, nor who funds them, which allows big businesses and other wealthy interests (including foreign governments, corporations and billionaires) to spend huge amounts of money secretly pushing their agenda, including by secretly funding front groups that are not actually supported by any or many Canadians.

Lobbying laws also need to be strengthened across Canada to make it illegal for lobbyists to mislead voters with false claims, misinformation or disinformation.

In other words, the laws across Canada are so weak and full of loopholes that they allow lobbyists to be secretly bankrolled by wealthy interests (including from other countries) to buy influence and trade favours with politicians and government officials in secret, all while misleading voters and everyone else.

Other big problems are that the watchdogs who enforce lobbying laws across Canada are often lapdogs who are chosen by politicians, and let violators off most of the time. Key changes are needed to ensure the watchdogs are fully independent from politicians, and are required to enforce the laws strictly and strongly, and penalize all violations.

All of these loopholes need to be closed, and enforcement and penalties strengthened, to stop politicians and governments from doing secret, behind-closed-door deals with lobbyists that waste taxpayers’ money and hurt voters and communities across the country.