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108 media appearances in 2023 (including 10 national appearances)
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Democracy Watch (December 14, 2022)
News Release
Environmental Defence, Democracy Watch call for OPP investigation of insider information leaks to sprawl developers in advance of Greenbelt land removals

Democracy Watch (December 6, 2022)
News Release
Democracy Watch in court today vs. Lobbying Commissioner rulings letting off lobbyists who helped Chrystia Freeland win election, then lobbied her officials and staff

Democracy Watch (November 29, 2022)
News Release
21 groups with 1.5 million+ supporters oppose Lobbying Commissioner’s gutting of key ethical lobbying rules – House Ethics Committee should also reject proposed changes

Democracy Watch (October 26, 2022)
News Release
Group calls on House Committee to recommend key open government changes most stakeholders have wanted for years

Democracy Watch (August 15, 2022)
News Release
Democracy Watch in court today appealing ruling that blocked nine cases challenging Integrity Commissioner rulings that allowed Ford/PC Party-connected lobbyists to lobby Ford Cabinet secretly and unethically

Democracy Watch (June 23, 2022)
News Release
14 groups with 1 million+ supporters call on federal Lobbying Commissioner to stop gutting ethical lobbying rules

Democracy Watch (June 14, 2022)
News Release
Lobbying Commissioner gutting lobbying ethics rules to allow for corrupt favour-trading that has been illegal since 1997

Democracy Watch (May 30, 2022)
News Release
Doug Ford’s PC Party has very unethical, undemocratic F fail record in past four years, Report Card

Democracy Watch (January 19, 2022)
Loophole-filled, weakly enforced lobbying and ethics laws a sad joke

Democracy Watch (November 8, 2021)
News Release
Democracy Watch files six more lawsuits vs. Integrity Commissioner for letting Ford/PC Party-connected lobbyists lobby Ford Cabinet