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Information about where your letter is sent

If you fill in your information and click SEND to send a letter through any of Democracy Watch’s campaign pages, your letter is sent to key politicians across Canada who have the most power to make decisions about this issue such as:

  • your local federal and provincial politicians;
  • the Prime Minister and the leaders of the federal opposition parties;
  • the Premier of your province, and the leaders of opposition parties in your province;
  • key federal Cabinet ministers (such as the Democratic Reform Minister, Treasury Board Minister, Finance Minister, and Industry Minister) and related opposition party critics;
  • members of key federal House of Commons committees (such as Access, Privacy and Ethics Committee, Procedure and House Affairs Committee, Government Operations Committee, Finance Committee, and Industry Committee);
  • members of key federal Senate committees (such as Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee, Rules, Procedures and Rights of Parliament Committee, and Banking, Trade and Commerce Committee).

If you do NOT want politicians to add you to any contact lists, simply copy the following two sentences and, before you click send, paste them at the end of the letter in the box on whichever campaign page you are sending your letter from:

“Please note that I do not wish to be marketed to by any political party, candidate or representative, whether directly or indirectly. Please search your records and remove my contact information from your party databases, and ensure I am on your ‘do not call’ lists.”

You will also receive a copy of your letter to your email inbox, and you can then send your letter on to any other politician you like. To find the contact information for all other federal, provincial, or territorial politicians, click here.