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Stop Ford Fund

Democracy Watch is leading the way in challenging Doug Ford’s many undemocratic, unethical actions – from threatening to violate Charter rights again and again to using public money for propaganda to handing government jobs to his crony friends.

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Since the Conservatives won the Ontario election in June 2018, Premier Doug Ford has done many things that even many Conservatives are concerned about – and that have to be stopped to ensure a democratic, ethical Ontario government.

Once again, as it has for 25 years, challenging the federal government, and challenging governments across Canada, Democracy Watch is leading the way in challenging Premier Ford’s undemocratic, unethical actions.

See the list below of the court cases, complaints and petitions Democracy Watch is currently pursuing challenging Premier Ford and his friends.

Democracy Watch will continue to file complaints, and challenge any bad rulings in court.

We need your help to pay the costs for pursuing these complaints and lawsuits to ensure key democratic, ethical government rules are strictly and strongly enforced – please donate now and Share and Tweet this page to spread the word to anyone you think may be interested in supporting these complaints and lawsuits.

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Your support is needed for the following Stop Ford court cases:

  1. Court case challenging another Integrity Commissioner ruling issued in June 2022 that let yet another lobbyist off the hook even though they violated the law in several ways (July 2022 on).
  2. Court cases challenging an additional 6 Integrity Commissioner rulings issued in June 2021 that let six more lobbyists off the hook even though they violated the law in several ways (July 2021 on).
  3. Intervention in court case challenging Ford government’s limits on third-party pre-election advertising spending as a violation of Charter rights (July 2021 on)
  4. Court cases challenging 3 of the Integrity Commissioner’s rulings allowing lobbyists who campaigned or fundraised for politicians to lobby the politicians soon afterwards, and 3 rulings that failed to penalize lobbyists who violated the lobbying law in serious ways (December 2020 on)
  5. Court cases challenging Integrity Commissioner’s rulings that failed to penalize 6 lobbyists who violated the lobbying law in serious ways (December 2020 on)
  6. Court case challenging the Ford government’s illegal, unconstitutional changes to the administrative tribunal appointment system (July 16, 2020 on)

Your support is needed for the following Stop Ford complaints and petitions:

  1. Complaint calling on the Ontario Integrity Commissioner to investigate whether Premier Doug Ford accepted illegal gifts from lobbyists and property developers who seek favourable decisions from the Ford Cabinet (February 23, 2023)
  2. Complaint calling on the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) to investigate whether any public official gave advance notice to anyone of the Ford government’s decision to remove specific lands from Greenbelt protection (December 14, 2022)
  3. Complaint calling on Integrity Commissioner to rule that Peter Van Loan is violating lobbying law’s ethics rule by lobbying Minister Caroline Mulroney and other Ford Cabinet ministers after assisting her and PC Party.
  4. Letter to Energy and Mines Minister Greg Rickford asking him to disclose if he owns any energy or mining investments.
  5. Complaint calling on Ontario’s Integrity Commissioner to update Premier Ford’s financial conflicts of interest disclosure statement, and to impose strict monitoring measures to ensure he doesn’t help his family business.
  6. Complaint to Integrity Commissioner about lobbying of Premier Ford and Cabinet ministers by Melissa Lantsman, who advised Ford and the PC Party during the 2018 election and is a Regional VP of the PC Party.