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Stop Ford Fund

Stop Ford Fund

Democracy Watch is leading the way in challenging Doug Ford’s many undemocratic, unethical actions – from threatening to violate Charter rights again and again to using public money for propaganda to handing government jobs to his crony friends.

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Since the Conservatives won the Ontario election in June 2018, Premier Doug Ford has done many things that even many Conservatives are concerned about – and that have to be stopped to ensure a democratic, ethical Ontario government.

Once again, as it has for 25 years, challenging the federal government, and challenging governments across Canada, Democracy Watch is leading the way in challenging Premier Ford’s undemocratic, unethical actions.

See the list below of the complaints and petitions Democracy Watch has already filed challenging Premier Ford and his friends.

Democracy Watch will continue to file complaints, and challenge any bad rulings in court.

We need your help to pay the costs for pursuing these complaints and lawsuits to ensure key democratic, ethical government rules are strictly and strongly enforced – please donate now and Share and Tweet this page to spread the word to anyone you think may be interested in supporting these complaints and lawsuits.

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Your support is needed for the following Stop Ford complaints and petitions:

  1. Complaint to Integrity Commissioner about lobbying of Premier Ford and Cabinet ministers by Melissa Lantsman, who advised Ford and the PC Party during the 2018 election and is a Regional VP of the PC Party
  2. Complaint to Integrity Commissioner about Premier Ford’s former Chief of Staff Dean French giving preferential treatment to family members, friends and PC Party people with government appointments
  3. Complaint to Integrity Commissioner about lobbyists helping organize Premier Ford’s fundraising dinner
  4. Complaint to OIPRD and Ontario Civilian Police Commission about Premier Ford’s Chief of Staff Dean French demanding government employees pressure police to change law enforcement practices
  5. Complaint to Ontario Integrity Commissioner re: Ford-government appointed LCBO Chair’s selling access to Finance Minister violates provincial ethics rules
  6. Release calling on Ontarians to file complaints with Ad Council about Ford government’s false carbon tax ad
  7. Complaint to Ontario Ombudsman about Premier Ford’s staff and others giving preferential treatment to Ford’s friend Ron Taverner, etc.
  8. Complaint about Premier Ford offering his friend Ron Taverner an executive job at the Ontario Cannabis Store
  9. Complaint about Premier Ford’s staff and deputy minister giving preferential treatment to his friend Ron Taverner
  10. Complaint about Premier Ford’s appointment of his family lawyer to chair the Public Accountants Council
  11. Complaint about Premier Ford’s appointment of his campaign adviser and staffperson Jenni Byrne to the Ontario Energy Board
  12. Complaint to Elections Ontario about Ontario Proud’s election ads not identifying that they were 90% paid for by development and construction companies
  13. Complaint challenging Premier Ford’s appointment of one of his top election campaign advisers to a plum job in Washington, and increasing his pay by $75,000;
  14. Complaint challenging Premier Ford’s appointment of his old friend Ron Taverner as Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Commissioner (the first complaint filed about the appointment);
  15. Complaint calling on Ontario’s Integrity Commissioner to disclose Premier Ford’s and his Cabinet ministers’ business interests, and restrict him and them from doing anything to help themselves, their families, their friends or clients of their businesses;
  16. Complaint about Ford Conservatives using public’s money to produce fake news propaganda videos;
  17. Petition that more than 30,000 Ontarians have signed calling on Premier Ford not to violate Charter rights, and;
  18. Complaint filed challenging oil and gas industry ads that supported Ford’s election in violation of restrictions on interest group election ads.