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Democracy Watch (juin 29, 2017)
News Release
(English) Canadians have achieved more than 400 firsts and foremosts in the world – but as Canada’s federal government turns 150, it’s far from a world-leading democracy

Democracy Watch (juin 19, 2017)
(English) If federal government was open, Norman case wouldn’t be about disclosing secrets

CBC (juin 19, 2017)
(English) Trudeau Liberals break almost all their open government promises

Democracy Watch (mai 17, 2017)
News Release
B.C. may have a new government – will it be democratic?

Democracy Watch (mai 10, 2017)
(English) B.C.’s possible minority government an opportunity for major democratic changes

Democracy Watch (septembre 8, 2016)
News Release
(English) Two months later, federal Liberals still haven’t released report on public consultations for their so-called Open Government Action Plan

Democracy Watch (juin 23, 2016)
News Release
(English) Federal Liberals’ Open Government Action Plan fails to fulfill Open Government Partnership (OGP) membership requirements — fails to commit to strengthening ethics, lobbying, political finance, public consultation and whistleblower protection laws and enforcement

Democracy Watch (octobre 27, 2015)
Letter to the Editor by Duff Conacher
(English) Liberals should walk on ethical egg-shells with their minority miracle majority (septembre 4, 2015)
Website article
(English) Conservatives could be violating federal Access to Information Act by hiding Cabinet Orders in Council New Brunswick (juillet 7, 2015)
Website article
(English) New Brunswick Information Commissioner lets two provincial government deputy ministers off the hook for clear violation of the law