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Democracy Watch (octobre 26, 2020)
News Release
Illegal snap election produces (sort of) new B.C. false majority government – will it finally be democratic?

Democracy Watch (septembre 15, 2020)
News Release
On International Democracy Day, Democracy Watch calls for key changes to make Canada an actual, leading democracy

Democracy Watch (août 10, 2020)
News Release
Democracy Watch calls for key changes to stop conflicts of interest in federal government spending

Democracy Watch (octobre 18, 2019)
News Release
Report Card on the Federal Parties’ 2019 Democratic Reform Platforms

Democracy Watch (mai 30, 2019)
News Release
(English) Report card gives Trudeau Liberal open government record an F as international summit held in Ottawa

Toronto Star (mars 30, 2018)
(English) The high cost of accessing public records is a barrier to democracy, experts say

Democracy Watch (mars 15, 2018)
News Release
(English) Former Information Commissioner Legault rules Harper Conservatives violated policy by muzzling government scientists, and Trudeau Liberals ignoring recommendations needed to stop muzzling

Democracy Watch (octobre 23, 2017)
News Release
(English) Democracy Watch and Open Government Coalition call on federal Liberals to make many key open government changes to Bill C-58

Democracy Watch (juin 29, 2017)
News Release
(English) Canadians have achieved more than 400 firsts and foremosts in the world – but as Canada’s federal government turns 150, it’s far from a world-leading democracy

Democracy Watch (juin 19, 2017)
(English) If federal government was open, Norman case wouldn’t be about disclosing secrets