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Did you file a complaint with Elections Canada? Please send in the letter Elections Canada sent you back

For the past year, Democracy Watch has been trying to get Elections Canada to tell Canadians how they’ve handled the thousands of complaints they’ve received from Canadians.  This information is important for Canadians because it will show whether Elections Canada is an effective democracy watchdog or an ineffective lapdog.

Unfortunately Elections Canada has only provided details on a handful of complaints and has used a sweeping discretionary exemption to keep all other information hidden from the public (for details click here)

To get around Elections Canada’s secrecy, Democracy Watch is asking you, if you filed a complaint with Elections Canada since 1997 and received a response letter or email, to send in a copy of any letters/emails you received from the Commissioner of Elections or Elections Canada by mail to P.O. Box 821, Stn. B, Ottawa K1P 5P9, by email to: [email protected] or by fax to: 613-241-4758.

If you would like to submit the letter you received from the Commissioner of Elections or Elections Canada anonymously, either let us know when you send it and we will be sure to keep your identity confidential, or cover up your name and address etc. in the letter, make a copy and send the letter to Democracy Watch by fax or email through a fax number or email address that does not identify you.


Please share this page with everyone you know.  Canadians deserve to know that their election rules are being enforced effectively.