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More and more groups joining Democracy Watch’s long-term call for comprehensive democratic reforms Maclean’s Magazine

Good ideas are barely worth cheering for in Ottawa, some days. Allan Cutler, a former Conservative candidate who was famous for whistleblowing during the Sponsorship Scandal, has lost faith in his former tribe’s commitment to government accountability. Cutler is the president of Canadians for Accountability—C4A, for short—where he spends his time giving tips to whistleblowers who intend to speak truth to power. This morning, the Ottawa Citizen gives Cutler a renewed voice. He teams up with former whistleblower Ian Bron—a C4A director—to talk about all the loopholes the government could close, and mechanisms the government could strengthen, and people the government could empower in tomorrow’s Throne Speech. There are five ideas, each probably worth at least a debate.