Come Clean PM Harper

Come Clean PM Harper

Please send your letter now calling on Prime Minister Harper to come clean, finally, about who paid off his campaigns that put him into power!

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You have the right to know who paid off Stephen Harper’s campaign costs.

Who paid off $2 million for Prime Minister Harper’s campaigns that first put him into power?
Did oil and gas companies and their executives pay off Harper’s costs with huge donations? Did foreign companies? Did China-owned companies? PM Harper still refuses to tell us who paid off hundreds of thousands of dollars of his campaign costs to become party leader.

What has PM Harper done for these secret donors? Is he pushing pipelines and refusing to restrict oil and gas companies to combat climate change to pay back his secret donors?

Did he weaken federal environmental protection laws in dangerous ways to pay back his secret donors? Has he muzzled federal government scientists to pay back his secret donors?

Is he paying back his secret donors by signing trade deals that allow foreign companies to attack Canada’s environmental protection, consumer protection, labour, health and safety laws?

Is Stephen Harper the best Prime Minister big business money can buy?
We don’t know because PM Harper refuses to tell us who his secret donors are. What we do know is that PM Harper owes his secret donors a lot – he wouldn’t be in power if they hadn’t paid off his costs.

And we also know throughout history that politicians being paid off with big, secret donations has led to corruption, waste, pollution and other serious abuses. And we know that big donations have influence – lots of past cases in Canadian politics have shown how loudly money talks.

Secret, unlimited donations were legal, but unethical, payoffs
In 2002, Stephen Harper campaigned and won the leadership of the Canadian Alliance Party. Since then, he has disclosed the identities of only 54 of the donors to his campaign. PM Harper has kept secret the identities of 10 of his biggest donors, and thousands of other donors, even though they donated more than $900,000 of the $1.1 million he raised for his campaign.

In 2004, Stephen Harper won the leadership of the Conservative Party (formed out of a merger of the Canadian Alliance Party and the old Progressive Conservative Party) and spent more than $2 million on his campaign. Since then, the list of the biggest donors to his campaign (he may have kept some of them secret) has disappeared from the Conservative Party’s website.

When he campaigned to be party leader in 2002 and 2004, secret, unlimited donations by big businesses, including foreign-owned big businesses operating in Canada, were legal. Big businesses and their executives could have given Harper hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations, in secret.

Are Harper’s donors all or mostly oil and gas and pipeline companies? Are they major polluters? Are they large foreign-based companies that want weaker corporate responsibility laws in Canada? Are they companies owned or controlled by the Koch brothers from the U.S. – notorious opponents of environmental protection and other corporate responsibility laws?

Please send your letter now calling on PM Harper to come clean, finally, about who paid off his campaign costs and put him into power.

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