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55% of Canadians want change to Canadian head of state instead of continuing with any member of the British royal family

Only 34% want royal family member to continue to be Canada’s head of state as federal Conservatives have proposed in questionably unconstitutional Bill C-53

79% of people in Quebec want this change, as do more than 60% of people younger than age 34 and 55% of people age 35-64 -- 48% of people outside Quebec want this change (39% in B.C.), while only 39% want to continue with royal family member (53% in B.C.)

This is a summary of a national survey of 2,024 Canadians that shows a majority of Canadians (55%) want to change to a Canadian head of state, while only 34% want to continue with a member of the British royal family as Canada’s head of state.

Compared to the rest of Canada, many more people in Quebec (79%) support this change than do not (13%). Outside of Quebec, an average of 48% support this change, while only 39% want to continue with a member of the British royal family as Canada’s head of state.

Across Canada, support among people younger than 34 is highest (more than 60%) but a clear majority (55%) of people age 35 to 64 also want to change to a Canadian head of state.

About the poll: The data was gathered between January 31st through February 11th, 2013 through Harris/Decima's teleVox, the company's national omnibus survey. Results are based on a sample of 2,024 Canadians, and the corresponding margin of error is ±2.2%, 19 times out of 20.

Survey Question

Canada's federal government, and the governments of the 15 other countries that have the British monarchy as their head of state, have agreed to change the rules about who in the royal family can inherit the throne in the future. Experts believe that in order to change these rules in Canada, the Constitution of Canada may have to be changed.

If a change to the constitution will need to be made anyway, would you rather see a Canadian born person chosen by Canadians as Canada's head of state, or continue to have a member of the British Royal family as Canada's head of state?

(a) Canadian born

(b) British family

(c) Don't know/refused