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Democracy Watch (November 21, 2016)
News Release
Democracy Watch calls for representative public consultation on electoral reform, Supreme Court reference on vote percentage threshold, and other key changes to ensure democratic, fair federal elections

Democracy Watch (November 15, 2016)
News Release
Federal, Quebec and Toronto political donations and scandals show proposed Ontario donation limit in Bill 2 is a charade that won’t stop unethical cash for access or influence of big money donations

Democracy Watch (November 4, 2016)
News Release
Group files ethics complaint with federal Lobbying Commissioner about August 2015 fundraising event involving Apotex and Justin Trudeau

Democracy Watch (October 26, 2016)
News Release
Democracy Watch challenges B.C. Conflict of Interest Commissioner’s ruling on Premier Clark’s high-priced, exclusive fundraising events

Democracy Watch (October 25, 2016)
News Release
Group files ethics complaint with federal Lobbying Commissioner about big business chairman assisting with fundraising event for Finance Minister while his business is lobbying the minister

Democracy Watch (October 6, 2016)
News Release
Democracy Watch calls on Ethics Commissioner to rule, finally, on Nigel Wright, Patrick Rogers, Chris Woodcock and Benjamin Perrin intervening in Senate committee’s audit of Senator Mike Duffy

Democracy Watch (September 28, 2016)
News Release
Governor General supports writing down Canada’s unwritten constitutional conventions as Britain, Australia and New Zealand have

Democracy Watch (September 8, 2016)
News Release
Two months later, federal Liberals still haven’t released report on public consultations for their so-called Open Government Action Plan

Democracy Watch (August 24, 2016)
News Release
Ontario political parties going for the gold at their summer games –proposed Bill 201 amendments will allow big money to continue to have unethical, undemocratic influence over politicians and parties

Democracy Watch (August 2, 2016)
News Release
PM Trudeau’s proposed Supreme Court appointment involves lots of good consultation but is still partisan because, unlike Ontario’s process, PM and Minister of Justice can still appoint whomever they want