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Research Democracy

Democracy Watch is seeking volunteer researchers to research democratic good government and corporate responsibility (especially bank accountability) issues across Canada. The only requirement is that you can do high-quality research with no errors. If you are interested in helping with research, including with the projects listed below, please send an email to: [email protected]

Partisan Funding Analysis Project Researchers

The Partisan Financing Analysis Project (PFAP) is an initiative of the charitable education organization Democracy Education Network (DEN), in conjunction with its partner organization Democracy Watch.

The PFAP will show, through empirical evidence, whether the funding system for political parties in Canada is utilized by all Canadians evenly, or provides more voice for Canadians with a higher economic status.  Recent changes to the funding structure for political parties (namely the removal of the per-vote subsidy) has brought political financing to the forefront of Canadians politics; however little empirical evidence on the topic exists in an easily understandable manner.

DEN and Democracy Watch will utilize Elections Canada and Statistics Canada databases to compile a list of donor locations and the economic status of donor’s neighbourhoods.  Through evaluating the monetary value of contributions and income levels, housing costs, and other relevant factors, donors will be examined in a new and unique way.