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PM Trudeau Electoral Reform Accountability Fund

PM Trudeau Electoral Reform Accountability Fund

Democracy Watch has filed an official complaint with the Commissioner of Canada Elections alleging that Prime Minister Trudeau violated Canada’s election law during the 2015 federal election by trying to get voters to vote for Liberal candidates by baiting them with the false promise that “2015 election will be the last federal election using first-past-the-post” voting system.

Your support is needed so Democracy Watch can continue this campaign to push the Commissioner to investigate, and prosecute, Prime Minister Trudeau for his false promise, and to continue pushing for electoral reform through the 2019 federal election.

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You can also help by sending a letter to the Commissioner calling for an investigation of Trudeau’s broken promise here.

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Latest News on the Case and Campaign

News Release – Democracy Watch calls on Commissioner of Canada Elections to rule Prime Minister Trudeau violated federal elections law by baiting voters with false electoral reform election promise