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Help Stop Kenney Fund

Help Stop Kenney Fund

Democracy Watch is leading the way in challenging Jason Kenney’s many undemocratic, unethical actions – from firing the Election Commissioner who was investigating Kenney’s United Conservative Party (UCP) to handing government jobs to his crony friends.

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Since the UCP won the Alberta election in May 2019, Premier Jason Kenney has done many things that even many UCP members are concerned about – and that have to be stopped to ensure a democratic, ethical Alberta government.

Once again, as it has for 25 years, challenging the federal government, and challenging governments across Canada, Democracy Watch is leading the way in challenging Premier Kenney’s undemocratic, unethical actions.

See the list below of the court cases, complaints and petitions Democracy Watch is currently pursuing challenging Premier Kenney and his friends.

Democracy Watch will continue to file complaints, and challenge any bad rulings in court.

We need your help to pay the costs for pursuing these complaints and lawsuits to ensure key democratic, ethical government rules are strictly and strongly enforced in Alberta – please donate now and Share and Tweet this page to spread the word to anyone you think may be interested in supporting these lawsuits.

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P.S. Please also click here to send a letter to your federal and provincial politicians calling for stronger rules, enforcement and penalties to stop unethical actions and decisions by politicians and government officials.

Your support is needed for the following Stop Kenney complaints and petitions:

  1. Complaint calling on Alberta RCMP to investigate Jason Kenney Cabinet firing Election Commissioner as an obstruction of justice (December 4, 2019).