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Without your support, Democracy Watch can't win key changes to stop governments and big businesses from abusing their power and hurting you and your family. Please click here to support democracy now

Democracy 2020 Fund

Democracy 2020 Fund

A few of Democracy Watch’s donors have generously agreed to match your donation to the Democracy 2020 Fund – up to $25,000!

If you give now, your donation will be doubled, which will help Democracy Watch win twice as many changes in 2020.

DWatch has already won more than 180 key democracy and corporate responsibility changes for you – more than any other group in Canada in the past 25 years. To see details, click here.

And, in addition to winning key changes, Democracy Watch also continues to shine a bright spotlight on government and big business wrongdoing across Canada, with more than 1,150 media appearances in 2019 (more than 160 national appearances). To see details, click here.

Our goal is to raise $25,000, which will be matched to raise a total of $50,000.

Your donation will help win key changes to:

  • Help stop your tax money being wasted! (See details here)
  • Help stop you and your family being gouged and abused by big banks, phone, TV, Internet and airline companies! (See details here and here)
  • Help stop politicians making secret deals with wealthy, high-powered lobbyists that hurt the environment, consumers and workers!
  • Help stop unfair decisions by unethical politicians, lobbyists and government officials!

In 2020, with your support, Democracy Watch will:

  1. Win more court cases like we won last March holding lobbyists and the lapdog Lobbying Commissioner accountable (to see details, click here).
  2. Win strong rulings from ethics watchdogs like we won in August holding unethical politicians and government officials accountable (to see details, click here and click here).
  3. Win key changes to stop secret lobbying (to see details, click here).
  4. Win key changes to protect people who blow the whistle on big business and government wrongdoing (to see details, click here), and;
  5. Win key court rulings to stop the Prime Minister and Premiers from appointing lapdogs to key law enforcement watchdog positions (to see details, click here).

We need your help to pay the costs of these winning these campaigns and lawsuits.

Please help by making your donation now to the Democracy 2020 Fund, and by Sharing and Tweeting this page.

Let’s start the new decade with a big bang for democracy in Canada!

Thank you for your support,
Duff, Josephine, Brad
and the entire Democracy Watch team