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Democracy Watch (juin 12, 2019)
News Release
(English) New report on possibly funneled donations to Trudeau Liberals shows need to lower donation limit to $100, as Quebec did

Democracy Watch (mai 29, 2019)
News Release
(English) Failure by Liberals to strengthen laws mean next election will be full of false online election ads and claims, privacy invasions will continue

Democracy Watch (mai 1, 2019)
News Release
(English) DWatch calls on Elections Canada, Commissioner of Elections and Commissioner of Lobbying to audit political donations to find illegal funneling and unethical donation bundlers

Democracy Watch (avril 15, 2019)
News Release
(English) Democracy Watch calls on B.C. RCMP and Special Prosecutor to explain failure to charge anyone in two years since lobbyist donations scandal

CBC (avril 12, 2019)
(English) DWatch criticizes New Brunswick’s political donation system that hides, but doesn’t stop, big money donations from big businesses

Democracy Watch (janvier 10, 2019)
News Release
(English) Democracy Watch files request with Elections Ontario to investigate Ontario Proud’s election ads, and any group with similar ads

Democracy Watch (décembre 12, 2018)
News Release
(English) Key changes needed as Bill C-76 makes federal elections more dishonest and unfair, won’t stop secret, fake online election ads

Democracy Watch (novembre 28, 2018)
News Release
(English) DWatch files complaints with Ethics Commissioner and Lobbying Commissioner about Trudeau Cabinet giving preferential access to “bundler” fundraisers, especially lobbyists

Democracy Watch (novembre 1, 2018)
News Release
(English) Democracy Watch calls on Ethics Commissioner to delegate investigation into Prime Minister violating federal ethics law by inviting dozens of Liberal Party donors to gala dinner for Chinese Premier

Democracy Watch (octobre 17, 2018)
News Release
(English) More than 85,000 call for changes to Bill C-76 to stop the unethical influence of big money in federal politics