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Corporate Links

Links to Corporate Responsibility in Canada and Other Corporate Responsibility Resources on the Internet

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Company Information Search Sites


General Corporate Activity Tracking Sites


Business Ethics and Ethical Investment Sites


Boycott Sites


Canadian Government and Other Consumer Help Websites


Complain about Canadian Corporations violating OECD Guidelines


  • To file a complaint, go to the Canada’s National Contact Point for the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises webpage, then follow the link to the Guidelines, then determine if a Canadian corporation is violating the Guidelines, and then follow the link called “Give Us Your Views” and send your complaint in by email or mail. Canada’s National Contacts, located at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) are required to investigate and respond to your complaint.

Complain About Your Bank, Trust, Insurance or Investment Company


Complain About Misleading Phone Calls from Businesses


Canadian Courts, Tribunals and Commissions and Rulings


See more details about laws etc. on Democracy Watch’s Government Links page

Laws from Countries Around the World


Canadian Corporate Lobbyists Search Sites


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Donations to Canadian and U.S. Political Parties, Candidates (Both Nomination Race and Election Candidates), Riding Associations and Party Leadership Candidates


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Chemicals Released in Your Community in Canada


  • PollutionWatch is your source for information about the chemicals that manufacturing facilities release in your community.

Media Accountability


Find Low-Cost Gasoline Across Canada