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Welcome to the movement. Not a political party, not an organization — an organically growing, non-partisan movement brewed up by Democracy Watch.  If Canadians spent as much time writing politicians about their concerns as they spend buying, making and drinking coffee, we would have the good, democratic governments and responsible big businesses we want. Politicians get very worried if only a few hundred voters write to them.

Unlike the Tea Party movement in the U.S., the movement is pushing only for well-researched and broadly supported changes that will make Canadian governments and big businesses operate more honestly, ethically, openly, representatively, efficiently and effectively.

A federal election created a new federal government in May 2011, and elections were also held in fall 2011 in Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan and the Yukon, and in spring 2012 in Alberta, and September 2012 in Quebec and will be held in spring 2013 in B.C. and in 2014 in Nova Scotia). As a result, the window of opportunity is wide open for many Canadians to push politicians and governments (some new, some soon to face elections) and opposition parties to make themselves, and big businesses, more accountable and responsible.

So please gather a few friends together, make or buy some coffee, and no matter what problem concerns you help make Canadian governments and corporations solve your problem by writing letters, sending messages to key politicians across Canada through the Action Alerts on each Campaign page printing and hanging up the “I’m Voting for Good Government” sign, donating and telling everyone you know about

Thank you for your help!

Write a letter to Canadian politicians using the Democratic Good Government campaign Action Letters as a guide.

Write a letter to Canadian politicians and government officials asking them to sign the Democratic Good Government Pledge

Write a letter to Canadian politicians using the Corporate Responsibility Action Alert as a guide.

Download, print, and hang or stick up the “I’m Voting For Good Government” sign/sticker (PDF) and the “Wake Up Your Government” sign/sticker.

Download and print the “Senate Scandal is the tip of the iceberg” sign by clicking here and put it up everywhere

Send an email to key Canadian media responding to every article you see about political scandals, and in the email say: “I support the good government changes proposed by Democracy Watch” — for media email addresses, click here.

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Donate now to help grow the movement across Canada!

Volunteer to help with research and organizing events and workshops.

See details about all the problems with Canada’s governments and big businesses.

Learn from the Democracy Education Network’s materials how to be an effective advocate in Canada.

You can find the contact information for your federal, and provincial or territorial politicians here