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Democracy Watch (avril 16, 2012)
News Release -- For related Huffington Post article - click here
(English) Elections Canada keeps rulings secret on 2,982 complaints since 1997

Rabble.ca (mars 29, 2012)
Letter to the Editor by Duff Conacher
(English) Elections Canada discloses some information about robocall complaints from 2011 election, but must still disclose its rulings on more than 2,280 complaints it received since 2004, and elections law must still be changed

APTN (mars 14, 2012)
Website article
(English) Federal Dept. of Aboriginal Affairs using PIN messages to avoid disclosure of records to the public – loophole in Access to Information Act must be closed

Democracy Watch (décembre 22, 2011)
Letter to the Editor by Duff Conacher
(English) Honesty in politics is the best policy, and so it should be required by law

Democracy Watch (décembre 12, 2011)
News Release
(English) Federal Conservatives’ Accountability and Democratic Reform Record Gets An “F” For Breaking Many Promises and Practising Politics As Usual

Democracy Watch (septembre 30, 2011)
News Release
(English) Green Party receives D- best grade of bad overall grades in Report Card on Ontario Parties’ Good Government Platforms — Conservatives receive an E, NDP an F and Liberals an Incomplete

Democracy Watch (septembre 27, 2011)
News Release
(English) Group hopes media will ask party leaders in election campaigns “If you break promises, will you resign?” and “Will you support passage of honesty-in-politics law?”

Democracy Watch (septembre 22, 2011)
News Release
(English) Democracy Watch plans court challenge of Elections Ontario’s failure to inform voters of their right to decline their ballot

Democracy Watch (mai 4, 2011)
News Release
(English) Global Integrity Report lowers Canadian federal government’s score from 80 to 75 — Weak enforcement of Accountability Act’s loophole-filled rules the main reason for drop in democracy rating

Democracy Watch (avril 28, 2011)
News Release
(English) Green Party receives B- best grade of bad overall grades in Report Card on Federal Parties’ Good Government Platforms, Bloc second with C-, Conservatives, Liberals and NDP all receive F