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Democracy Watch (mai 17, 2017)
News Release
B.C. may have a new government – will it be democratic?

Democracy Watch (mai 10, 2017)
(English) B.C.’s possible minority government an opportunity for major democratic changes

Democracy Watch (mai 3, 2017)
News Release
(English) Premier Clark in court arguing nothing corrupt about more than $630,000 in Kinder Morgan pipeline donations and her Liberal Party salary because, she claims, she didn’t approve the pipeline

Democracy Watch (avril 24, 2017)
News Release
(English) Democracy Watch takes next step in appeal of ruling that Conflict of Interest Commissioner’s decision on B.C. Premier Christy Clark’s $50,000 salary and “cash-for-access” events can’t be challenged in court

Democracy Watch (avril 19, 2017)
News Release
(English) B.C. voters, and media, should ask every candidate to disclose their donors before election day (and don’t vote for anyone who refuses)

Democracy Watch (avril 12, 2017)
News Release
(English) In court today — Democracy Watch’s and PIPE UP’s lawsuit challenging ethics of Kinder Morgan pipeline approval

Democracy Watch (avril 10, 2017)
News Release
(English) B.C. government refuses to file response to lawsuit challenging ethics of Kinder Morgan pipeline approval – claims it’s improper to name the government as a respondent

Democracy Watch (mars 29, 2017)
News Release
(English) Lobbying Commissioner investigating Democracy Watch complaint about August 2014 fundraising event organized by Clearwater Seafoods shareholder and board member for Justin Trudeau and Liberals

Democracy Watch (mars 16, 2017)
News Release
(English) B.C. Liberals’ internal fundraising documents requested by plaintiffs in lawsuit challenging Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline approval

Democracy Watch (mars 15, 2017)
News Release
(English) Special prosecutor needed for illegal donation cases – before election day all proven violators must be prosecuted, and Elections BC must release report on all likely illegally funnelled donations since 2013